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Our Paint correction  Townsville services relate to the method of eliminating the imperfections in a car’s paint finish. Therefore, returning it to a better than the original finish. These defects include but are not limited to swirl marks, etched bird droppings, fine scratches, water spots, holograming caused by bad car washing methods.

The only real way to eliminate scratches in your vehicle’s paintwork is with the means of paint correction, one of our specialties at Car Detailing Townsville.

Paint correction requires the use of machine buffing polishers and an assortment of various polishes and graded buff pads. When observed in direct sunlight, a fully corrected vehicle will reveal only true reflections and no swirl marks, scratches, or blemishes will be obvious to the trained eye.
Frequently at times, multiple stages of machine polishing are needed to reach a full paint correction. The first comprising the most abrasive and the last being a very light finishing wax polish. The more extensive scratches are eradicated in the first stage of polish. Then the more superficial surface abrasions caused by this harsh polish are eliminated by the finer polish that follow.

Lastly, it is necessary to differentiate between paintwork that has been accurately corrected and paintwork that has been treated with products.  These car car products are intended to fill surface defects such as an all-in-one finish. This should not be attributed as paint correction even if no marks or swirls are seen. The reason is they have not been appropriately removed and are still present due to the polishes fillers, which over time, will wear away and expose them once more. When paintwork is accurately corrected, a small amount of clear coat is taken off, along with the otherwise tough scratches and swirls in the clear coat. This leaves brilliant clarity and complete mirror-like reflections.

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Paint Correction Services


Cut & Polish, Machine Polishing, Buffing and Paint Correction. These are all words that are or have been applied to define the use of a polishing tool to improve the paint surface of a vehicle in the past.
The art of using a machine polisher requires a high level of skill. In untrained hands, the incorrect choice of a machine can determine the difference between a high quality finished vehicle or one that has gone very wrong. This could result in forever damaging the paint or other parts of the car.
At Car Detailing Townsville, we have a compilation of 7 various machines in numerous sizes and abilities to guarantee that we have the right tool for each job we tackle.
In addition to these polishing tools, we have a selection of world leading compounds and pads that allow us to deliver the required result quicker and safely.

So what is paint correction Townsville?

Generally talking, it is a method where we use a mixture of machines, pads and polishes to remove light layers from the surface of the paint and at the same time remove blemishes and imperfections such as scratches and stains.
One paint correction combination does not fit all. Every car is unique, and it must be remembered that many circumstances come into play. These include country of origin, make & model, year and history of the car. It is essential to understand that the current state of the car and paint depth may also affect the overall paint correction result.
For this purpose, we regularly advise that we examine the vehicle if anything more than 1 stage is needed, or if you are uncertain of what you require.
A picture can assist and absolutely give us an indication. But for the most part, we are incapable of getting a true opinion of the state of the car and are also incapable of measuring the paint thickness to know how much we can carefully remove.
Upon visiting you, our car detailing team will photo your vehicle from every aspect. This is retained on file and you are welcome to see these at any time. Its a fabulous way to see what your car used to be like.
Your car will then be fully clay bar cleansed, decontaminated, dried and areas such as badges and plastics carefully masked off to ensure a safe polishing method.
To start with at the commencement of the car paint correction we will provide a test on an area to guarantee we have the best compound and tools to obtain your required result.
For this reason, we will never hurry to finish a job or take shortcuts. Our experienced car detailing team take pride on achieving the best results achievable for you.

Different Stages Of Paint Correction Townsville

Single Stage Correction – Cut & Polish

Achieves approx. 50-80% result dependable on the state and condition of paint we’re correcting
Perfect for tidying up your daily commuter, or simply giving a decent lift to your Sunday driver
Includes clay bar preparation, decontamination of paint, correction, and layer of wax sealant for lasting protection
Excellent when you want to have a ceramic coating administered to your car
*The standard wax coating protectant utilised for these services is a spray sealant coating including Silica Oxide, offering a very smooth finish, bright, hydrophobic, and approx. 6 months longevity.

Multi-Stage Correction – Cut & Polish

Achieves and incredible 90% plus finish, dependable on the state and type of paint surface we’re working on, and practical expectations
When you require to get your car resembling its utmost best, perhaps even better than when it was brand new
Includes clay bar paint decontamination, full 2-stage paint correction, and a performance layer of sealant for ultimate protection
This service is excellent when you want your non-new (1+ years old) car ceramic coated.
*The standard wax sealant protectant that is utilised for these paint correction services is a Silica Oxide spray sealant wax coating, offering a very sleek finish, extremely glossy, extremely hydrophobic and approx. 6 months longevity.

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