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Ceramic Coating Paint Protection By Show Car Protection Townsville

See your car shine like never before and protect your pride and joy with one of our ceramic coating Townsville and paint protection services.

With our premium Ceramic coatings and our team of Townsville’s best applicators you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the experts hands. 

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Ceramic Coating Townsville

The ultimate protection for long lasting gloss.

Paint Protection For Years Come

Ceramic coating paint protections are a layer-able, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. Therefore, when cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, durable yet flexible shield.

Ceramic coatings can be described as an additional clear coat, with incredible protective, gloss and self cleaning properties.

Our ceramic paint protection by Qtechniq is suitable for both new and used vehicles as well as caravans, boats and bikes and is the best car paint protection that money can buy. Offering superior protection against the elements and environmental fallout such as bird droppings, decomposing insects, tree sap, air pollution and heat and UV damage.


A ceramic coating can be described as an additional clear coat with incredible protective, gloss and self-cleaning properties. Ceramic paint protection is suitable for new and used vehicles and is the best car paint protection that money can buy. Offering superior protection against the elements and environmental fallout. Things such as bird droppings, decomposing insects, tree sap, air pollution, heat and UV damage will no longer be as much of a problem.

Ceramic Coating Townsville

Paint Protection Townsville

Whether you have just bought a new vehicle or have an old classic, protecting your vehicle’s paint is essential.

However, with so many different protective options, it’s easy to get lost in all of the technical jargon, but ceramic paint coating is recognised worldwide as the leading paint protection technology.  It offers a hard surface finish that protects against environmental fallout, bird acid, tree sap whilst remaining easy to maintain.

World Leading Protection

Easy To Clean

Stays Cleaner

Chemical Resistant

UV Resistant

Customer Approved

Why Choose Ceramic Coating For Your Paint Protection?

Ceramic coating paint protection is a high gloss permanent bond nano-ceramic coating backed up by a nine-year warranty*; it utilises the latest technology to give your paintwork superior chemical resistance, UV & thermal resistance and anti-graffiti.

Fully Mobile Service

Show Car Protection - Ceramic Coating Townsville offers a fully mobile service to make things as easy as possible for you.

Increased Protection

Ceramic Coating adds a layer of protection to your car’s paint and protected surfaces. If a vehicle is regularly exposed to the sun, the paint will begin to oxidize, resulting in dull and faded paint. Therefore, a layer of Ceramic Coating protects a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the amount of oxidization.


Ceramic paint coatings work as a barrier against saltwater, scum, exhaust, stains & chemicals.

Self-Cleaning - Less Maintenance

After a ceramic coating paint protection washing your vehicle requires less effort and frequency, waxing isn't necessary as the coated surfaces do not allow particles to stick to your car’s surface.

Increased Speed & Fuel Economy

Proven in the manufacturer industry, ceramic coatings reduce surface tensions, creating higher speeds at cruising RPM’s.

Stay new! Permanently

Once the high gloss permanent ceramic coating is applied, you will see a mirror effect, glossiness and colour depth incomparable to anything else!

Ceramic Coating Townsville Options

EXO Coating

$ 590 From
  • 4 stage paint work decontamination
  • Single stage paint correction

Gtechniq Crystral Serum Lacquer

$ 690 From
  • 4 stage paintwork decontamination
  • Single stage paint correction
  • 3 years warranty

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light

$ 790 From
  • 4 stage paintwork decontamination
  • Single stage paint work decontamination
  • 5 years warranty
  • $150 EXTRA for an overcoat of Gtechniq EXO

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

$ 990 From
  • 4 stage paintwork decontamination
  • Single stage paint work decontamination
  • 9 years warranty
  • $150 EXTRA for an overcoat of Gtechniq EXO

Why Use Ceramic Coating Townsville For Your Vehicles Paint Protection?

Immense Gloss and depth

Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings enhance your vehicle's paint and gloss like nothing else. Bringing out extra colour depth and an immense mirror-like gloss.

Advanced Resistance

Ceramic Coatings utilises the latest ceramic nanotechnology to give your paint work superior Chemical Resistance, UV & Thermal Resistance, Anti-Graffiti and Super Hydrophobic effect. They also provide advanced water-repelling properties.

Longlasting durability

A ceramic coating is a high gloss nano-ceramic coating that is backed up by a nine-year Warranty*.

Ceramic Coating Townsville
Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the most sophisticated vehicle paint protection in Townsville. Ceramic Coatings chemically bond to your vehicle’s paint to produce an additional layer of protection which also enhances the gloss of your vehicle’s bodywork.

Interior Ceramic Coating

A coating that creates a water and oil repelling barrier on your vehicle’s interior’s fabrics/leather surface. Dirt then has trouble penetrating fabric and leather surface areas. Therefore, making spills and discolourations very easy to remove/clean. The best protection for your car interior in Townsville.

One of the main advantages of a ceramic coating is the added layer of protection against saltwater, scum, oxidation, exhaust, stains & chemicals.
The ceramic coating will also create a mirror effect, glossiness and colour depth incomparable to anything else.
Once cured, the ceramic coating also becomes water repellent, and the water rolls off the surface grabbing dirt and grime with it. The need for heavy detergents and chemicals are now, in most cases, not necessary. ​

Short answer.. Yes!
One of the main reasons for choosing a ceramic coating is to ensure the longevity and quality of your bodywork. It is perfect for those wanting to keep their car looking as good as new or better. If you have an older vehicle and have started to notice any swirls or scratches in the paint, we can also help bring back your car’s paint to that new car gloss with our paint correction services, followed by a ceramic coating. Our Ceramic Coatings can also be applied to your vehicle’s glass, interior (fabric, leather & vinyl) alloy wheels, and exterior paint surface. As well as boats, jetskis, caravans and planes.

We provide various ceramic paint protection services in Townsville, from new cars, motorcycles, existing vehicles to boats, jetskis, planes and caravans that need their paint restored and/or protected. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation ceramic coating quote. 

We also offer a full range of mobile car detailing services. See our car detailing page for more info here.

What Our Loyal Townsville Customers Say

We take pride in our 5-star positive reviews from our loyal clientele. Here is what just a few have to say about us.

They did an amazing job cleaning and detailing my outlander with its year long filth buildup thanks to thousands of kilometers of travel for football games and filthy gear😁. He was very polite and friendly and very detailed in his work. I'd recommend to anyone looking for quality service from hard working individuals. Don't often see this kind of hands in service these days.
Griselda via Google
car detailing townsville
Had the interior of our car fully cleaned. It looks amazing! They did such a thorough job that it feels like we have a brand new car! Will definitely be getting our car cleaned more often! Very nice employees and great value.
Mary via Google
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